Accavallo & Company, LLC

Who We Are

Our Story

Accavallo & Company is a client-driven accounting firm located in Shelton, Connecticut. Originally founded as Michaud and Accavallo CPAs, John Accavallo has lead a team of determined and passionate accountants ever since. We have a deep commitment to helping our clients identify and understand the challenges and financial opportunities their business or personal accounting affairs are facing. In using that understanding, we lead our clients to better business outcomes and financial growth. Each client we work with receives the work ethic of a big CPA firm with small firm attention.

Our Core Values

Here at Accavallo & Company, everything that we do is informed and guided by the following core values:


Our firm highly values honesty and trust, we adhere to professional standards and act accordingly to the laws. We are committed to always doing the right thing. Accavallo & Company is never willing to compromise on our values.


We have fostered a community of loyal clients over the past 20 years of being in business. We do not simply coast through work for our clients. We strive to be industry leaders and use our expertise to empower our clients to make informed decisions to become leaders in their industries.

Problem Solving

In a complex and dynamic world, our clients expect their advisors to be forward-thinking and informed about their business. At Accavallo & Company, we are always learning about the changing industries we advise our clients on. 


Here at Accavallo & Company, we value cooperation, communication, and collaboration. We respect and value everyone’s contribution. We encourage our team to take initiative when it comes to solving our clients’ needs.

Our Three Uniques

Whole Picture Approach

Accavallo & Company looks at the complete picture of a client’s situation.

Range of Services

Accavallo & Company has a unique combination of a broad range of services to help clients.

Getting More Than You Are Paying For

When obtaining Accavallo & Company advice, the value of the advice goes far beyond the fees.