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Tax Tips for Buying Business Assets: Insights from Accavallo & Company, LLC

After a challenging 2023, merger and acquisition activities across various sectors are seeing a resurgence in 2024. If you’re considering purchasing a business, achieving the best post-tax outcomes is paramount. Generally, you can structure the purchase in two main ways: Buy the assets of the business, or Buy the seller’s entity ownership interest, applicable if […]

Midyear Financial Checkup: Ensuring Your Business’s Financial Health

As we approach the halfway mark of the year, it’s crucial to evaluate your company’s financial health through interim financial reporting. These midyear financial statements provide valuable insights, but it’s important to be aware of their limitations. Unless a CPA prepares them or performs agreed-upon procedures on specific accounts, these reports might not be as […]

Four Cost-Cutting Strategies to Boost Business Profits

Many businesses aim to increase profitability by boosting sales of products and services. However, higher sales volumes don’t always lead to higher net profits, especially if your expense structure is inefficient. This is why it’s essential to focus on expenses as well as sales to improve profitability. Conducting a formal expense review can be a […]

Growing Your Business with a New Partner & Key Tax Considerations

Bringing a new partner into your business is a significant step, and it comes with various financial and legal implications. To illustrate, let’s consider a scenario: you and your partners decide to admit a new partner who will acquire a one-third interest in the partnership through a cash contribution. Assume that your basis in your […]

Navigating Alternative Investments: A Tax-Savvy Approach for Nonprofits

Considering alternative investments for your not-for-profit entails a thorough evaluation of potential risks and rewards, especially in light of their distinct tax implications. While these investments often boast higher long-term performance compared to traditional securities, they present nuanced considerations that demand careful attention. Here’s a comprehensive overview to guide your decision-making process. Complex Valuation Dynamics […]

Navigating Partner Business Expenses: Guidelines and Tax Implications

It’s common for partners to cover expenses related to their partnership’s business operations, particularly in service-oriented partnerships like architecture or law firms. These expenses might include entertaining clients, transportation for meetings, professional publications, continuing education, or home office costs. But how are these expenses treated for tax purposes? Let’s break it down. Reimbursable Expenses: Partners […]

Secure Your Nonprofit by Safeguarding Volunteers from Legal and Tax Risks

As a leading tax firm specializing in nonprofit organizations, we understand the critical importance of comprehensive risk management for not-for-profit leaders. While you diligently protect your facilities, assets, staff, and clients, have you considered the potential legal and tax liabilities facing your volunteers? Despite the protections offered by the federal Volunteer Protection Act of 1997, […]

Protecting Nonprofit Finances: Safeguarding Against Fraud Risks

When it comes to financial fraud, nonprofits often operate on thin margins, making every dollar crucial to their mission. While it’s encouraging that nonprofits typically experience lower median losses from fraud compared to for-profit entities, this doesn’t diminish the importance of vigilance. In fact, with limited resources at their disposal, nonprofits can ill-afford any financial […]

Maximizing Tax Benefits: When to Rethink Income and Deductions for Your Business

While the typical strategy for businesses is to defer taxable income to subsequent years and expedite deductions in the current year, there are instances where an alternative approach can be advantageous. As a leading tax firm, we guide businesses to navigate these complex scenarios effectively. So, why might a business opt for this contrary strategy, […]

Seizing the Opportunity: Why Your Business Should Embrace Retirement Plans Now

If your business hasn’t embraced a retirement plan yet, now might be the perfect opportunity. The current retirement plan regulations offer generous tax-deductible contribution allowances. For instance, self-employed individuals can establish a SEP-IRA and contribute up to 20% of their self-employment income, capped at $69,000 for 2024 (up from $66,000 in 2023). If you’re an […]

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Sherri Fisher is a Tax Manager at Accavallo & Company, LLC.  Sherri has longstanding expertise in Trust and Estate Taxation, Eldercare, and Estate planning. Sherri appreciates the relationships she has built with estate planning attorneys and advisors, to provide a team approach to assisting her clients. Sherri also has seasoned experience in business and individual taxation and is partial to assisting start-ups in developing overall accounting and operating plans.

Prior to joining Accavallo & Company, LLC, Sherri was a manager in a large firm, servicing high net worth trust clients, business, and personal clients. She was also a Partner in a large bookkeeping firm, which specialized in cloud accounting systems for regional and national companies. Sherri led a team in assisting clients to organize their accounting systems.  She is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University with a B.S. degree in Accounting.    

Sherri’s experience includes working with companies and organizations in a variety of industries including:

  • Investment Trusts

  • DAPT and Family Investment Partnerships

  • Estate and Probate Administration

  • E-Commerce

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Real Estate Investment

  • Marketing and Service-based industries

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Sherri is an Intuit Advanced Pro Advisor, Intuit Future Firm Advisory Board member, member of the Valley WIN Network, and proudly served as past Connecticut Public School liaison for the Yale Tommy Fund for Childhood Cancer. Sherri enjoys time with her family, Cleveland sports, thrifting and gardening.